2nd edition, Bologna(Italy) October 14th, 2017

BOLOGNA - To feed a population that - at the end of the century - could reach 11 billion people is the real challenge of the planet.

In line with it, the main objectives of the Bologna Award for International Sustainability and Food, the International Prize "City of Bologna" presented in Autumn 2016 in New York, are: to support scientific and technological research on agro-food sustainability, improve and optimize the distribution of food, reduce the environmental and social impacts of food production and distribution and promote a new and widespread culture in the field of food education.

The Prize, designed and promoted by CAAB - the Agro-food Center of Bologna - with the FICO Foundation and in synergy with the Emilia Romagna Region and the Municipality of Bologna, aims to enhance scientific research and agricultural and agro-food initiatives launched by people, Institutions and companies in the sign of long-lasting and sustainable development.

The Bologna Award is conferred every two years and after a first edition celebrated at EXPO 2015 in Milan, the 2nd edition will be held in Bologna on Saturday 14 October 2017, during the celebrations for the World Food Day (16 October), on the occasion of the first edition of the Bologna Award Meetings, the days dedicated to food and sustainability planned from 14 to 16 October 2017.

Candidatures for the 2017 edition can be submitted to the Jury of the Prize until August 31, 2017. In the following weeks, the Jury will meet so to select a shortlist that will be openly announced on September 30, 2017. The winner will be awarded on October 14, 2017 in Bologna.

A peculiar aspect of the Bologna Award for International Sustainability and Food is that the winners, from the time of their acceptance, commit themselves to donate the value of the prize (€ 10,000) in favor of sustainable, long-lasting and social projects and initiatives, so that research can further advance and multiply its virtuous impacts in the agro-food and agro-environmental sectors.

The Jury, chaired by Andrea Segrè, President of CAAB and of the FICO Foundation, is about to be defined for the 2017 edition. The first edition was won ex-aequo by the Italian scientist Salvatore Ceccarelli, who has worked in countries at war and in backward areas, such as the ICARDA Center in Aleppo, Syria today destroyed by ISIS, and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance organization, founded by the fishermen on the North East Coast of the United States to promote marine heritage as a common commodity on the planet by applying scientific research to the full sustainability of fishing practices.

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The Bologna Award 2017 was presented in November 2016 in New York on the occasion of the International Week of Italian Cuisine. At the international launch of the award, the sponsoring institutions participated alongside with the promoters.

The 2017 winners' announcement will take place on Wednesday 24 May in Rome, at the ENPAM Building in Piazza Vittorio.

The Award ceremony will be delivered on Saturday, September 14 at 6.00 pm at Palazzo D'Accursio, headquarters of the Municipality of Bologna, during the first edition of the Food and Sustainability Days promoted by CAAB, the Agro-food Center of Bologna.

The work will be introduced by Professor Andrea Segrè, president of CAAB and of the FICO Foundation, at the presence of the Mayor of Bologna and of the highest authorities of the Emilia Romagna Region.

The winners will attend a meeting in the morning of Saturday, October 14, with a press conference at the headquarters of the Municipality of Bologna.

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Palazzo D'Accursio is located in Piazza Maggiore, 6, 40121 Bologna, within the restricted traffic ZTL zone.
From the ring road (tangenziale), take exit n. 11 / 11bis-12 direction center.

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