Bologna Sustainability and Food International Award 2018

3nd edition, Bologna(Italy) October 13th - 16th, 2018

Bologna Sustainability and Food International Award 2018

Bologna Award’s main aims and objectives are to stimulate scientific and technological research with regard to agricultural sustainability, to improve and optimize food supply, to reduce the social and environmental impact of food production and distribution, to foster a new widespread culture about food education.  The Award will celebrate its 3rd  edition between the 13th and 16th of October 2018, with a tight schedule of meetings, discussions, shows, master classes, projections and many more events related to food and sustainability: a central focus and a crucial challenge for the future of the planet, where at the turn of the century the population could reach 11 billion. 

Conceived and promoted by CAAB, (Centro Agroalimentare Bologna) Agri-food Center of Bologna, together with FICO Foundation, the Chamber of Trade, the Emilia Romagna Region and the City of Bologna, the Award aims to value the scientific research and the initiatives concerning agricultural and agri-food sectors, carried out by individuals, institutions and companies, oriented to sustainable and lasting development.

Following the first edition, which was celebrated during EXPO of 2015 in Milan and a second edition, which took place in Bologna on the 14th of October 2017, the Award widens its contents and proposals with a view to the third edition with Bologna Award Meetings. The program consists of Food and Sustainability Days in Bologna, between 13th and 16th of October 2018, on the occasion of the World Food Day (16th October).

The Award jury, presided by Andrea Segrè, CAAB and FICO Foundation’s President, is in the process of being established for 2018 edition. The winners of the first edition were, ex aequo, the Italian scientist Salvatore Ceccarelli, who provided his genius and talent in backward countries and war-affected areas, as the ICARDA Centre in Aleppo – Syria today destroyed by ISIS; and the non-profit organization Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, founded by North East coast and USA’s fishers, in order to promote marine resources as a global common property, by applying scientific research to ensue fully sustainable fishing practices. The edition of 2017 has been won by the Italian researcher Matteo Dell’Acqua, together with the Ethiopian farmers of Melfa and Workaye communities, with an extraordinary project, which intersected the most advanced genomic research with ancient rural knowledge. Moreover in 2017, the “City of food masters”, further awards for the commitment in communication of sustainability values, have been conferred to the American lecturer Stephen Ritz, who promoted food education and orchards’ cultivation in the Bronx. In addition, Google Food Services’ director Michiel Bakker has been rewarded as well, for his vision of “future” food, together with the video artist Douglas Gayeton, author of “The Lexicon of Sustainability”, the journalist and presenter Licia Colo’ and Linea Verde’s editors – Raiuno for testifying values related to sustainability in their programs. A special mention for Coop Sociale il Bettolino’s, socio-agricultural activity in Reggio Emilia and an honorable mention for Sekem’s founder Ibrahim Abuleish.

Applications for the 2018 edition can be submitted between 20th July and 10th September 2018 to the Award Jury. In the following weeks, the Jury will meet in order to select a short list, which will be published before the 10th of October 2018. What is peculiar about Bologna Award – International Sustainability and Food Award, is that the winners, from the time of acceptance, commit themselves to donate the Award’s value in favor of sustainable projects and initiatives, durable and supporting, so that the research can move further forward and increase virtuous circles in the agri-food and agri-environmental fields on the planet.

Bologna Award